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Common Terminology

First Friday Prayer is at 12:30 pm. The second Friday Prayer is at 2:00 pm

Common Terminology

Essential Islamic Glossary


Essential Names

Allah:  God, LORD, Dios, YHWH, Yahweh, Elohim, El (the Aramaic name of God). The Arabic name of God used by Christian and Jewish Arabs and used in the Arabic Bible.The word “Allah” cannot be made plural or given gender. Other meanings of Allah are “The One -and-Only God” and “The only One who deserves all worship

Mohammad: Ahmad, Mustafa, The Prophet sent by God to humanity with the message of Islam and who received the revelation of Quran by Angel Gabriel. Mohammad is considered by Muslims to be the seal of the Prophets.

Quran: The Holy Book of Muslims first revealed in Ramadan to the Prophet Mohammad by the angel Gabriel and over 23 years, collected at the time of the Prophet. The final word of God. Contains 114 Suras (Parts), divided by Ayas(verses).

Al-Fatiha:    The opening chapter of the Quran.

Islam: The religion of Muslims, the message revealed to Prophet Mohammad by God and through the Quran, the same religion of all Prophets from Adam through Noa, Ibrahim, Moses, Jacob, Joseph, Jesus and Mohammad peace be upon them. Surrendering to God’ will, from the same root of peace in Arabic.

Muslim: Follower of Islam, to surrender to God, Believer in One God, the Quran and the Prophet Mohammad

Iman: Faith. Believing in God, Prophets, Holy Books, Angels, Day of Judgment and Devine Knowledge and Destiny.

Ihsan: The essence of Islam. To worship God as if you see Him.
Ingil: Gospel

Taorat: Torah

Zabour: Psalms

Rasol: Prophet, Messenger

Nabi: Prophet

Ibrahim:    Abraham

Mosa:     Moses

Yakoub:    Jacob

Ishak:     Isaac

Ismail:     Ishmael

Yahia:     John

Eisa:     Jesus

Yahoud:    Jewish

Nasara, Masiheyon:   Christians

Al-Quds:    Jerusalem

Makkah: City in present Saudia Arabia were the Kaaba is present, the annual pilgrimage is made to, and where Prophet Mohammad was born

Madina: City in present Saudia Arabia were prophet Mohammad immigrated to, lived, formed he first Muslim community and died.

Al-Kaaba: The first place built to worship God, located in Mecca, the holiest Muslim site.

Al-Aqsa: The second place built to worship God, located in Jerusalem, the third holiest Muslim site

Felastin: The Arabic name of Palestine

Essential Greetings

Assalam Alaikum:    Peace be upon you, Shalom

Wa Alaikum Assalam:   And peace be upon you also

Ahlan Wa Sahlan:    Welcome to your home and family

Maa Salama:     Peace be with you

Essential Expressions

Bismi Allah:     By the name of God

In Sha’a Allah:    God Willing

AlHamdo LeLah:    Thanks to God

Allah Akbar :    God is The Greatest, God is King

Ma Sha’a Allah:    Congratulations, Wow, Mazel Tov

Subhana Allah:   Praise to the Lord, Halleluiah.

Jazaka Allah Khairan (JAK):  May God bless you

Yarhamoka Allah:   Bless you, Gesundheit

Holidays and Holiday Greetings

Ramadan: The Islamic 9th month in lunar calendar, during which the Holy Quran is revealed and fasting is prescribed on able Muslims for 29-30 days from dawn to sunset.

Laylat AlQadr: The night of Destiny or Power, the 27th night of Ramadan, the holiest night of year. The night when Quran was revealed.

Ramadan Mubarak:   Blessed and Happy Ramadan

Eid:     Islamic Holiday

Eid Alfitr:    The Holiday of Breakfast after Ramadan

Eid AlAdha:    The Holiday of Sacrifice during Pilgrimage

Eid Mubarak:    Blessed and Happy Holiday, Chag Sameach

Eid Said:    Happy Holiday.

Islamic Terms, Rituals & Others

Shahada (1st Pillar): Declaration of Faith, “Belief that there is only One God, and that is Mohammad is His prophet”

Salat (2nd Pilar):   Islamic ritual prayer, Connection

Zakat (3rd Pillar):   Mandatory Islamic almsgiving, Purification

Siyam (4th Pillar): Fasting fro food, drink and sexual acts from dawn to sunset.

Haj (5th Pillar) :   Pilgrimage to Mecca for able Muslims

Iftar:     Breaking the fast meal

Sohour:    Before Dawn meal before fast

Maghrib:    Sunset time

Taraweeh:    Ramadan night time prayer

Sadaka:    Zadaka, Charity

Jannah:    Heaven, Garden

Nar:     Hell, Fire

Dua’a:     Supplication.

Dhikr:     Meditations.

Dein:     Way of Life, Religion

Jihad: Inner Struggle, striving to be better, defending the oppressed, fighting for good causes.

Nour:     Light

Rasol Allah:    Messenger of Allah

Masjid: Mosque, Islamic House of worship, place of prostration.

Azan:     Islamic Call to prayer

Imam:     Leader of prayer or Mosque

Sheikh:    A leader, senior citizen, a head of group or tribe

Tawba:     Repentance, Teshuvah

Hasana:     Good Deed, Mitzvah