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Services Overview

First Friday Prayer is at 12:30 pm. The second Friday Prayer is at 2:00 pm

Services Overview


Service is among the highest callings a human being can answer. As such, the Mosque Foundation provides valuable services to its large community. These services foster a strong sense of family and community and provide spiritual solace and sacred space in a fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming world. Here is a general overview of services provided by the Mosque Foundation.


One of the core services the Mosque Foundation offers is prayer. The Mosque Foundation is a full-time Masjid that conducts five daily prayer services, seven days a week, all year long. Additionally, the Mosque Foundation holds 2 Friday prayers due to space and parking lot limitations. 


The Mosque Foundation offers premarital counseling to couples about to embark on this commitment. We perform the formal marriage service in conjunction with State requirements and documentation.


Trials visit each of us throughout our lives. During these moments, we need advice and counsel. The Imams and other personnel of the Mosque Foundation have a depth of knowledge and many years of experience offering marriage, youth, family, and grief counseling.


Often, we are confronted with situations in which the right choice is unclear or unaware of the best ethical decision to make. The Mosque Foundation offers opportunities to ask our Imams about these situations and how Islam’s sacred laws address them.


Whenever disagreements arise (whether they involve business matters or personal aspects of life), it is helpful to seek an impartial mediator to resolve the issue. The Mosque Foundation offers objective arbitration to solve disputes and preserve relations between the disputants.


When the inevitability of death comes to our loved ones, the details and pressures of funerals can be taxing. The Mosque Foundation offers families funeral services, including washing the body, proper wrapping, funeral sermons, and prayer services in addition to grief counseling.


Thousands of low-income families each year receive food from our Food Pantry. Among the most praised kinds of charity is the feeding of the hungry. 


For the past decades, the Mosque Foundation has provided weekend education for our youth to learn timeless wisdom and gain valuable knowledge to help achieve a firm understanding of their faith and the ethics and morals it offers. 


The Community Center is a place for our community to hold special events and meetings. The Center also serves as a safe and wholesome space for our youth to learn, participate in athletics, and socialize in a dignified manner.


The Mosque Foundation holds regular lectures, workshops, and special events in which our community members expand their knowledge. The programs include Quran commentary and wisdom, details of sacred law, lessons from the life of the Prophet ﷺ, history of Muslim civilization, the proper performance of rites of worship, civic duties, and much more.