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Mosque Foundation


First Friday Prayer is at 12:30 pm. The second Friday Prayer is at 2:00 pm


Welcome to the the Mosque Foundtion

Benefits of becoming a registered member

  • Voting in annual general assembly meeting
  • Nominate members to the board
  • Serving on Executive Committee
  • Serving on the Board of Directors
  • Any donation made will automatically renew membership

In order to apply for membership please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click here to view and download the Membership Form.
  2. Print membership form
  3. Fill out form.  Make sure to sign and date.
  4. Mail or bring in your completed and signed membership form to the Mosque Foundation.
  5. Please make sure to have a payment of $50.00 membership fee with your application.

Your application will be reviewed to determine elegibility and you will be notified once approved.

If you have any questions or inquiries you can contact the masjid administration at the address above or via our Contact Us page.