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Mosque Foundation Programs

The Mosque Foundation provides a welcoming environment of worship where both men and women may pray with peace of mind and a sense of home. In its sacred space, hundreds of young people learn the morals and ethics of Islam, those in need come to tangible refuge, and the troubled find human help. Allah has bestowed the Mosque Foundation with many blessings.

It is open for worship up to 16 hours a day.

  • At least 5,000 worshippers attend its prayers
  • It provides two Jumu’a congregations  It offers daily and weekly study circles on various subjects for men and women of different age groups in Arabic, English, and Spanish
  • It educates nearly 700 students in its weekend school It distributes Zakat to hundreds of local families
  • It supplies free groceries to about 300 families weekly
  • It gives more than 200 boys and girls the opportunity to separately blend sports, spiritual development, and emotional support in its Community Center
  • It holds two Taraweeh prayers in Ramadan (excluding summer months)
  • It has free family and marital counseling  It provides funeral services in the mosque and at graveside
  • Its members are active in important interfaith initiatives and organizations that promote social justice, equality and peace  Its members participate  in regular dialogues with other religious groups
  • It hosts a noted Ramadan Community Iftar (Dinner) for local teachers and administrators, police and firefighters, religious and community leaders, and elected officials and judges to foster local understanding and unity