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Women’s Tuesday Halaqa

first friday prayer is at 12:30pm.second friday prayer is at 2:00pm

Women’s Tuesday Halaqa

Every Tuesday from 12 noon until 1:00 pm, women from all ages are welcome to attend a halaqa at the Mosque Foundation. Halaqa, in Islamic terminology, is a religious gathering for the study of Islam and the Quran.  The Tuesday halaqa is lead and attended by women.

The halaqa takes place in the Women’s section of the Masjid and is conducted primarily in Arabic. Women of various ages attend, but most are mothers with young or school-aged children. Women with young children can take advantage of the childcare available on premises. The midday schedule is also convenient for women who are busy in the evenings or on the weekends but still want to participate in the masjid, seek knowledge, forge a sense of sisterhood, and boost their Iman.

The objective of the halaqa is to teach everyday Islamic knowledge and how to apply this in daily life. Topics vary from the rules of salah, the rights and duties of women in different spheres, , to the Seerah of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). Participants also discuss relevant issues to the community and other general topics.

This free program has been going for over 20 years, and takes place year round. The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) taught us that the most beloved deeds to Allah are those which are most regular and constant even though they are few. As such, it is easier to sustain our efforts when we learn consistently without periods of inactivity. This weekly halaqah offers a regular space for women to learn at a steady pace and share this knowledge with family and friends. 

For more information or if you have any questions, you may contact Sister Um Siraj at: