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Understanding The Koran

first friday prayer is at 12:30pm.second friday prayer is at 2:00pm

Understanding The Koran


A series by Sh. Ahmad Arafat every Thursday, one hour before Isha prayer  in the Mosque Foundation upper level at 7pm

key english


Understanding the Quran:

Keys to recognizing the thematic unity in the Quranic Surah


Have you ever read a whole Surah without recognizing its main purpose? Some claim that the Quranic Surah is disjointed. Such a claim can be put down to the unfamiliarity with the standards of Arabic composition and rhetoric and the inability to recognize the Quranic style. For this reason, this course is designed originally to explore the organic unity in the Quranic Surah and thereby recognize the message and purpose of the Surah as a whole. To reach this goal, more emphasis will be placed on the Arabic compositional devices and the Quranic methods in connecting different themes together. Participants will be trained to apply these devices and methods on the Quranic Surah to identify the message or messages the Surah seeks to deliver. Beyond the literary appreciation of the Quranic Surah, participants will start to establish a better relation with the Quran and to read it with new perspectives. Note: Knowledge of Arabic language is not required.


The course will continue for ten consecutive weeks.


The course will be given in English on Thursdays at 7:00 PM


Mosque Foundation, 2nd floor