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Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated


Treat Others As You Wish To Be Treated

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Throughout His book, Allah the Most High has emphasized the importance of treating others with the utmost respect and kindness. He says, speaking of His covenant to the people of Moses, “…And say and do to people that which is good.” In commanding our Prophet ﷺ, he says: “…And tell My servants to say and do that which is best; indeed the devil does spread strife between them; indeed the devil is a clear enemy to human beings.” The cornerstone of good character regarding interacting with others is that one treats them with that with which he wishes to be treated.

The Prophet ﷺ tells us: “Whoever wishes to be delivered from the fire and admitted into paradise, then his death is to come to him while he is in a state of belief in Allah and the last day and that he brings unto others that which he desires be brought onto himself.”

In another narration more specific to how Muslims are to treat one another, he says: “None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”  Imagine what kind of community and people we would be if we implemented this amongst us. The husband treats his wife how he wishes to be treated; the wife treats her husband as she would like to be treated. Employers treat their employees as they would like to be treated if they were in their position. The children their parents, the parents their children, etc. These verses mentioned above and narrations essentially translate to one simple social guideline: “When dealing with another person, you see yourself and treat them accordingly.”

You must see others, especially your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, as they have a portion of rights upon you and are owed an additional amount of respect and appreciation. You must see others as reflections of yourself as if you are looking into a mirror. The Prophet ﷺ says: “The Believer is the mirror of his brother; if he notices a discrepancy he corrects it.” I submit that the bulk of our social problems in the Muslim community would vanish if each of us saw ourselves in the eyes of the other when dealing with each other. Even in treating our deceased brother or sister, we pray for them as if we are praying for ourselves. The Prophet ﷺ says in this spirit: “You can never suffice everyone with your wealth, but suffice everyone instead with an approachable bright face and good character.”

In short, if you wish to have a rough idea as to how Allah will treat you on the Day of Judgment, you should look to how you treat others, for as you treat others in this life, you will be treated by Allah in the next. May Allah grant us all the best of character and best of manners with Allah ﷻ, with the Prophet ﷺ, with each other, and with our selves. Ameen.

Allah knows best.

By Sh. Ali Mashhour