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Syria Project

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Syria Project

Reflections of Youth

Reflections of Youth

The Syria Project

Each month, Aqsa School’s English Department devises a project for students to put their faith into action. December’s Theme of the Month project was a coat drive for Syria.  Students were required to donate a coat or money to aid in the relief of suffering Syrian refugees hit even harder by the cold winds of winter. The coat drive was a success beyond our wildest dreams—not only did our students put their heart and soul into this cause but so did our community.  Bags upon bags of warm items melted our hearts as we witnessed the love of humanity pile up on our lobby floor.  It took four giant trucks to cart away all the items collected for Syria.  God bless everyone involved in this tremendous effort!  A special thanks goes out to Ms. Shukairy and Ms. Beituni for their invaluable time and effort into the completion of this project!

Besides donating a coat, students were also required to write a letter (one in English and one in Arabic) to a Syrian child.  Here is one such letter written by Mariam Al-Ramahi:

Dearest child,

God says in the Quran:

With all hardship, comes ease.  [94:6]

Long before Muhammad (PBUH) discovered he was a prophet, he faced many losses.  Before he was born, he lost his father; when he was six, he lost his mother; and when he was eight, he lost his grandfather.  He was under the guardianship of Abu Talib, who was not very wealthy.  He was young, just like you and me, but he was always loved and protected by the people around him, and ultimately by Allah (SWT).  He tried his very best to stay patient and to stay positive, and he became one of the most influential people in history.

I pray that all the hardships end in Syria and everywhere else.  I pray that all the hardships end for you and everyone around you.  I look up to you and admire your strength, and want the very best for you.  Please laugh and smile as much as you can; if anyone is ever feeling down around you because of the current situation, then be the light in their day.  If you are ever feeling down, just ask God to ease your pain.  He will, for He answers everyone’s prayers and duaa.

Keep your head up, because that’s where God is.