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The Presence of Tranquility

first friday prayer is at 12:30pm.second friday prayer is at 2:00pm

The Presence of Tranquility

Reflections of Youth

Reflections of Youth

“The Presence of Tranquility” by Khadija Snowber  Aqsa School

My biological ticking time clock rings

My eyes gently open from mid sleep

The dim hallway light

Illuminates the bathroom as water gently rushes down the faucet into the sink

I inhale fresh river water

It’s so pure and refreshing I find myself alive, wide awake, and alert

My heart and mind consciously



And remembering as one mortal being

My abaya conforms to my body like the casing of a nectarine

Wrapping and protecting its juicing and ripe, pure flesh

It’s a new layer of my own skin

Allâhu Akbar

I start my salah literally throwing my slumber and worries behind me

I regain my connection to Allah (SWAT)

My life line, Protector, and Friend

My mind, body, and soul are lifted

Ascending into the clouds past my chimney rooftop

Then and only then I being to reflect on the one and only

Asking for Guidance and Protection

From the All Hearing All Seeing

All Knowing, The eternal

Who never begets nor is begotten.

Yes indeed “Salah is greater than sleep”

صلاة خير من النوم. صلاة خير من النوم