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Multiple Options For Women’s Saturday Quran Classes

first friday prayer is at 12:30pm.second friday prayer is at 2:00pm

Multiple Options For Women’s Saturday Quran Classes

Every Saturday, women ages 18 and up have three opportunities to study the Quran beginning with learning Juz Amma, moving on to advanced tajweed, and finally, memorization of the Quran. Sister Seida Khater oversees these three classes on the second level of the Mosque Foundation.


  • Memorization Class: 8:30 am – 10:00 am
  • Advanced Tajweed Class: 11:15 am – 11:45 am
  • Juz Amma Beginner Class: 11:45 – 1:00 pm

The objective of the beginner class is to build the ability and confidence in reading Arabic and learning the basic rules of tajweed. For the next level, advanced tajweed, students are adept in reading Arabic and have moved on to perfecting their pronunciation by following the ahkam, or rules of tajweed. Finally, students may enroll in the hifz, or Quran memorization class. Each class has a monthly fee of $25.

The main participants are women ages 18 and above, who are non-native-Arabic speakers. They range from college students, working professionals, mothers with young children, to respected elders. Despite the varying ages, backgrounds, and stages in life, all the women share a connection through the bond of Islamic sisterhood. 

These Quran classes began in 2012 when Sister Seida Khater saw a lack of classes geared specifically for English native-speakers to learn and benefit from the Quran. Each class provides women the opportunity to feel connected to the Quran and thus strengthen their faith.

Sister Seida Khater is a highly qualified educator with many years of teaching experience as well as accomplishments in the study and understanding of the Quran including recitation, memorization, tafsir, and tajweed. Her students are grateful for these classes which cater to the busy lifestyle of our modern times. During each class, students engage in a welcoming and intellectual environment of learning and enlightenment.

For updates, announcements, changes in schedule, and to join the WhatsApp discussion group, please contact Sana Jaber at