The Mosque Foundation introduces a new class "Seeking Burhan (Evidence)"

Course Description: 

Given the new wave of atheism, agnosticism, and skepticism, this class is designed to build strong a foundation of faith by answering essential questions like What are the Laws of Thought? Does God Exist? Which God? What is so Special about Islam? How Do We Know the Quran is True? What is the Purpose of Life? Is it logical to believe in the afterlife? What is Predestination? ...etc. Answering these questions and some more creates the stepping stones necessary to help us think more logically and holistically and to reconnect with our Islamic worldview in a more fulfilling way.  

Instructor: Sh. Ahmed Arafat

Where: Mosque Foundation, 2nd Floor

When: Every Thursday after Maghrib Prayer till Isha 
Duration: 10 weeks, staring on the 20th of July
Registration is Free but Required: Due to the limited seats available, the class will be offered again if we have some on our waiting list.

To register: email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Use "Seeking Burhan" as the email Subject, and give us your name and email for further contacts.

Note: This course will be followed by two other courses: (1) Seeking Ihsan which, with an eye to enriching our moral growth, highlights ten major spiritual disciplines to practice and (2) Seeking 'Umran (civilization) which, in an attempt to regain more confidence in our heritage, explores the different aspects of the Islamic Civilization and its influence.